• Freelance Writing

    The written word gives us the ability to communicate our ideas and experiences with a sense of durability. As our world grows, the challenges of being noticed over the sea of voices increase, not least online. Engaging and accessible writing is vital for lasting results. I help companies and individuals share learned knowledge and applied wisdom through clear and compelling messaging with desired audiences.

    My freelance writing extends to:

      • Website copy
      • Social media headlines
      • Blog posts
      • Email newsletters
      • Articles
      • Brochure copy
      • Whitepapers
      • Case studies
      • E-Books
      • Press releases
  • Content Strategy

    In all domains, empathy underlies effective strategy. Applied to content marketing, it means relating to people not simply as potential customers, but as valued humans. I guide companies through the shifting terrain of connecting with larger groups using a content strategy.

    A content strategy is a roadmap for creating, publishing, and overseeing valuable and meaningful content. It is a top-down approach to understanding the why behind content marketing efforts, giving it meaning and direction. My empathic, human-centered approach to strategy facilitates sustained company growth and success over the long run.

    My content strategy services encompass:

      • Crafting content visions
      • Content review and analysis
      • Editorial calendar development
      • Writing style guides
      • Quality checklists
      • Buyer persona development
      • Buyer's Journey mapping
      • Workshop development and delivery
      • Social media strategy
      • Search engine optimization
  • Editorial Consulting

    I'm amazed with the skilled individuals I frequently meet. From technology entrepreneurs to endurance athletes, there's no shortage of awe and learning in my life. The thing is, it would be silly to expect they'd be expert writers on top of what they already excel at. That's where I come in. I work with a wide range of innovators to craft and enhance their unique stories for sharing with the world.

    Another challenge is getting outside of ourselves. Being lent an additional set of eyes, fastened to the head of a professional wordsmith, gives an objective outlook to work we've become attached to. I love supporting others with useful feedback in a field I'm in experienced in, and being part of their development as a fellow earthling.

    My editorial consulting services include:

      • Non-fiction ghostwriting
      • Manuscript editing and mentoring
      • Copyediting
      • Promotional strategy planning
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