Pierce Csurgo

    • Pen scribbler
    • Former suit
    • Part-time adventurer
    • Tea addict
    • Quote lover
    • Lifter of weights
    • Reluctant mystic
    • Extroverted introvert
    • Book collector
    • Cactus appreciator
    • Earthbound misfit

Pierce Csurgo contains the multitudes, not least a person uncomfortable with describing himself in the third person, so he'll stop.

At the heart of it, I'm a storyteller. My medium is writing. I spend my time working on growth projects for clients and myself. Professionally, I enjoy helping people improve their stories, be it in a corporate context or personal one. Creatively, telling meaningful tales satisfies the deep itch of my being.

Before finding my writer's station, I spent a good amount of my youth abroad. I received a BSc in Management from Cass Business School in London, England and worked in marketing for the finance industry thereafter. My other education came from traveling through Asia and the Middle East for two years after leaving London. I'm currently based in my home city, Toronto, working with folks across the globe. When I'm not in front of the typewriter, er, computer, you'll find me outside, often high in the mountains or deep in a forest with a paperback book.

If you're feeling inspired (or tired of my words), check out my photographs at Earthonaut.